Seth Godin: Get Your Ideas To Spread

One of the best marketing books out there is the “Purple Cow” by Seth Godin.

A key point in his book is that as a business, you need to be memorable.

The cow mentioned in his book got noticed because it was well, purple. But if all cows were purple, then that would be boring and ordinary.

People now have far more choices but much less time. So, how do you get their attention fast enough?

In this talk by Seth Godin, he shares 2 important rules about making and marketing a product;

  1. Design is free when you get to scale.
  2. “The riskiest thing you can do now is be safe.”

Simon Sinek on How Great Leaders Inspire Action

This TED talk by Simon Sinek has been out for a while now, but it’s a great one if you haven’t already seen it.

His mantra is: ‘People don’t buy what do you, they buy why you do it’

He explains why great businesses like Apple have been able to inspire so many people to the point of a ‘cult’ like following.

But it’s not just for businesses like Apple – It’s also possible to do this for your own digital agency or startup.

By clearly understanding why you do what you do – it will allow you to give meaning to what you do, build an amazing story, inspire your team and customers and then ultimately lead to growing a great digital business.

Find out how here:

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